About Us

Groovy Web Design is a team of two brothers, Steve and Jim Jamesson who have devoted their entire professional careers to designing and developing absolute high-class, top-notch websites.  Steve and Jim bring an invaluable skill set and extraordinary professionalism to your table. We take the time to get to know your business, understand your offerings, and keenly identify with your unique web users. We have over 31 years of combined web experience, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a product that is polished, complete, timely, and totally mind-blowing.

Since the early 90’s, Jim has been building designing websites ranging from the ultra-dorky, the borderline inappropriate, to the truly bizarre. In 2000, Steve began helping Jim on a part time basis, mostly doing the stuff that Jim could never figure out on his own. As demand for our services grew, Steve decided to join Jim on a full-time basis as the synergy of our unique approach to websites was just too good to pass up.

Since then, we have designed thousands of websites for clients spanning a large number of industries. We have tried, tested and implemented virtually all of the latest web technologies, bells, whistles, whiz bangs and whirley gigs on the web. We have extensive experience working with content management systems, ecommerce platforms, payment gateways, 3rd party providers, and websites of vastly different specs. We know what it takes to build beautiful, functional, dynamic and successful websites. We LOVE what we do, and it shines through in our work.

Clients we’re a great fit for

Small, home-based businesses & start ups

We feel that small businesses should have the same access to incredible website design as the larger, deep pocketed corporations. Quite often, home-based businesses lack the resources or the ability to carry an in-house web team. The larger, high quality web firms out there–while they provide quality work, are often ‘overstaffed’ for the needs of a small business, and all to often fail to provide a truly intimate knowledge of exactly what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Large design firms just don’t have the ability to become intimately familiar with your business, which ultimately leads to a sub-par or even a failed website project.

As a home-based business ourselves, we acutely understand the needs and challenges that you face, and know that creating a harmonious blend of technology and functionality, all within realistic budget requirements can sometimes make or break the success of your business as a whole… not just limited to the website.

Businesses with existing web, marketing & IT departments

Many larger businesses often have in-house web teams, but lack the ability and expertise to design truly enterprise-caliper websites. In many cases, these companies are able to take a ready-to-go website that we launch, and maintain it on their own with little to no need for our intervention. Choosing Groovy as your supplemental web experts offers you the benefits of several web specialists, at a mere fraction of the cost.

Non-traditional businesses looking for something RAD

For businesses that know they need something far outside ‘the box’, Groovy has your back.  When you need a website that is far, far from ordinary, we’ll build you something extraordinary. We have vast experience working with clients who offer products and services unlike their traditional competitors. If you’re aim is to take your industry by storm, we’re the guys for you.


The Groovy Website Design Cuttlefish