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Jim Jamesson, President Jamesson Creative LLC

I have been designing websites for over half of my life. With a decades-deep background in functional art, expert web usability, and web user psyche, I strive to give our clients beautiful design that doesn’t just look good, but performs above and beyond their expectations and the exceeds the demands of web users.

I started creating art in Kindergarten, mostly making big monster trucks, pirate ships and fighter jets, shit like that. I got my first start with graphic design software at the age of 10 using a slow ass antique beige yellow Tandy with two external 2mb hard drives. I would recreate graphics in painstaking detail, only to have the computer crash and lose all my files.

In 6th grade, my science teacher ran his own personal drawing/portrait business. One day, we had a substitute and I snuck and finished two of his portraits for him. For the remaining school year, he had me finish drawing over 60+ portraits for him and let me study science on my own time. He passed me with an A, and I never took a single test. It was like a movie with a huge underground crime ring hiding in plain sight, except it was creating pencil art. (not as cool) Thanks Mr. C.

Jim is the Elvis of graphic designJim wears his big boy pantiesThe night after Bele Chere, Downtown Asheville, NC

In my first two years of high school, I skipped (boring) two classes in order to attend art class with two separate teachers. I lied and told them I had permission from the board of education. When they pressed me for proof, I created false documents in Aldus PageMaker and forged signatures with Photoshop that they thought were from the school board. Never got caught.

During my Junior & Senior years I attended a ‘special’ school that provided college-level courses for students looking to further their careers. I chose graphic design, and was treated to learning my way around archaic printing presses and effective visual printing methodology. I spent my time creating forged handicap parking stickers for preferred parking. The differences between the real placard and my fake one were nearly indiscernible. I got busted and never once got to park up close.

Jim shooting photos in the mud, Congaree National ParkJim & Maranda in the Great Smoky MountainsJim pimpin' it in Vegas

These days, I spend much of my day designing visual concepts, captivating graphics and user interfaces, and strive to bring our clients the absolute highest-grade graphic designs for digital and print mediums.

I feel that my experience, personal and career development lend to creating dramatic and exciting visuals that benefit our clients in immeasurable ways. I strive for design diversity and molding pixels to tell stories, set moods, and ultimately, sell the hell out of products and services.

Jim Jamesson photographing the Grand CanyonJim loves karateJim at the ATM in Marshall, NC

My time away from the computer is mostly spent with my loving (but crazy!) family, dealing with my 1st-grader who thinks she’s 16, and cleaning up after my 4 animals… Boy Dog, Girl Dog, Little Dog, and Fat Cat.

My hobbies include an obsession with nature photography, mountain biking, and being bossed around by my loving sweetheart (who is above my pay grade) with constant never-ending home improvement projects.

Jim losing bad at arm wrestling a massive dudeJim in Downtown Marshall, NCJim camping where he wasn't allowed to

Jim shark fishing at night on Caladesi Island, FloridaJim with the Playboy Bunnies in Las VegasJim recognizes beautiful art when he sees it

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Jim Jamesson
President, Jamesson Creative LLC
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