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Steve JamessonI’m a natural-born problem solver. Always have been. Regardless of what I’m doing, I’m always solving some kind of problem. And I’m kind of a polymath, so if you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers.

My computer experience began with writing stupid programs on an old beige Tandy and playing Gorillas. My first programs were really terrible, allowing the user to type a letter that had the computer play a musical tone. Really useful stuff!

I always found enrichment in playing musical instruments. Starting with the violin in a string quartet in 4th and 5th grade, I moved onto the brass baritone for a year. After that Mom gave me a cheap, yard-sale ¾ guitar. This opened the creative door to making my own music in writing and improvising.

Steve and Michelle at the beach in FloridaSteve prefers dining with a viewSteve brewing beer

Years later I found myself in a small home studio, where I’d overdub tracks of myself playing drums, guitars, keyboards, my own samples, turntables, and a slew of other items that I found or made. Eventually I entered the realm of computers + music, using MIDI and real instruments, where I began to truly understand the power of programming computers to accomplish what I wanted.

Steve watching Apollo's parachute runSteve at the campfireSteve and Michelle Harp & Bass

Today I play music with a close group of friends, mostly jazz improv and covers and typically just for fun. I typically stick to playing upright bass or my jazz drum kit, but I can still make any instrument make good sounds.

I do weddings, too, with Michelle Bonn in a little group we “creatively” call Asheville Harp & Bass.

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I’m also a home brewer and a pretty damn good cook. I make five gallons of tasty all-grain beer about once every month or so. Mostly my recipes are my own, but I do take inspiration from loads of other sources, and I enjoy systematically experimenting with ingredients.

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