20 Awesome, Affordable, and Beautiful WordPress Themes


When it comes time to decide on a Wordpress theme, there’s a number of key advantages to using a quality, pre-designed theme compared to opting for a custom-designed theme. There’s a number of factors to consider before plunking down money either way. However, if you do decide to take the pre-made theme route, we think the following Wordpress themes can’t be beat for their cost, performance, and ease-of-use.

Here at Groovy, we design and build many websites using the insanely-popular WordPress platform. WordPress has come a long ways since its earlier incarnations, and it makes a fantastic platform for running full websites for clients. No longer is it limited to just being a ‘good’ blogging platform. We have used WordPress for countless websites, ranging from ecommerce-enabled shopping carts to personal blogs to corporate websites.

Many times however, clients do not have the budget–or the real need for custom WordPress templates and designs. Enter the affordable WordPress themes. Buying a premade WordPress theme offers a number of advantages for clients looking to save cash.

Advantages of pre-designed WordPress Themes

  • Turnaround time is much faster, as a custom-designed theme can take several weeks. Most purchased themes are ready to roll within minutes of purchasing it online.
  • Pre-designed themes have (usually) been tested, tweaked, and have most of the kinks worked out.
  • Pre-made WordPress Themes are a much cheaper alternative to custom design.
  • Themes can be viewed before purchasing, allowing you to find a theme very specific for your needs.
  • WordPress themes are editable; in most cases you can change color schemes to match your existing branding, add your own logo and other design elements
  • Pre-existing WordPress themes can still be manipulated, enhanced and updated by professional web designers and developers.
  • Allows you to get into a good web platform that can be expanded upon for years to come.
  • Did we mention they can save you tons of money?

While there are numerous advantages to purchasing WordPress Themes, there are also downsides that need to be considered and weighed in your decision.

Disadvantages of pre-made WordPress Themes

  • Design styles are often limited, and may require additional tweaking and customization (increases your cost).
  • Your web content must conform to the constraints of the theme.
  • Creativity and versatility can suffer compared to a custom-designed theme.
  • Some themes don’t always work perfectly out of the box.
  • The old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ often applies to pre-designed WordPress themes… stick with reputable WordPress theme designers!

It’s important to keep these things in mind when weighing the pros and cons of purchasing an existing theme vs. developing a fully-custom theme. With all that said and out of the way, here’s a number of themes that we think look great, work nicely, and can get you into an attractive, effective website. Enjoy!

#1 – Impulse WordPress Theme

The Impulse WordPress theme is a clean slick, and attractive theme perfect for portfolios, showcases, galleries, photoblogs, personal sites, and more.

Impulse Premium WordPress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

#2 – Graphix WordPress Theme

A stylistic, colorful WordPress theme.

Graphix Theme by WPZOOM

Theme Details | Theme Demo

# 3 – Photoblog WordPress Theme

A very clean WordPress theme for photographers.

Photoblog WordPress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

# 4 – Technologic WordPress Theme

A versatile and clean WordPress theme. Quite a lot could be done with this simple and elegant theme.

Technologic WordPress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

# 5 – Polaris WordPress Theme

Very clean WordPress theme with a nice splash region, centered logo, and good content regions below. This is a modern theme that could be used across a myriad of industries.

Polaris WordPress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

# 6 – Telegraph WordPress Theme

This would make a great theme for websites with lots of content. Billed as a magazine-style theme, this one would would be a good choice for websites that blog lots of articles, offer consumer reports or product reviews, or other websites that just push a lot of text.

Telegraph WordPress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

# 7 – Tribune WordPress Theme

Like the Telegraph Theme above, this one would also make a good theme for sites pushing lots of articles and text content. All navigation elements on this theme are “where they’re supposed to be”.

Tribune WordPress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

# 8 – Photoland WordPress Theme

Bold splash region would be great for clothing retailers or websites pushing products with vivid, beautiful photography.

Photoland WordPress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

# 9 – Vimes WordPress Theme

Uber slick, very clean, professional theme. This theme could be used for a number of websites and industries, very versatile.

Vimes WordPress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

# 10 – Edupress WordPress Theme

Plentiful regions for calls to action and a top-aligned left sidebar makes this a good theme for medium-content websites.

Edupress WordPress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

# 11 – Sky WordPress Theme

A bright and airy theme. Very clean, with a clear and up front calls to actions and main descriptions.

Sky WordPress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

# 12 – Nova WordPress Theme

A highly tekkie feel to this theme. Very clean, modern, and good for technology-heavy websites.

Nova WordPress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

# 13 – 13Floor WordPress Theme

This theme is dark, mysterious, contrasting, and has lots of depth. Pretty nice theme.

13Floor WordPress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

# 14 – The Corporation WordPress Theme

This is a modern-yet traditionally corporate WordPress theme. As billed, its great for big-box corporations looking to save loot on a WordPress design. Could be used for numerous web industries.

The Corporation WordPress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

# 15 – eStore WordPress Theme

A pretty snazzy web store theme. This theme presents store categories first and foremost, includes a nice secondary navigation, search options, and great visibility for featured products. Would make a great low-budget ecommerce front end.

eStore WordPress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

# 16 – Elegant Estate WordPress Theme

Decent looking theme for independent realtors and real estate agents. Very clean, confident and a worthwhile theme to check out.

Elegant Estate WordPress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

# 17 – Evolution WordPress Theme

Quick loading, light weight graphics.

Evolution WordPress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

# 18 – Deviant WordPress Theme

This is a very artsy blog theme that has a very unique look and feel. Excellent sidebar and prominent blog post graphics. Great blogging theme!

Deviant WordPress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

# 19 – Webly WordPress Theme

This is a nice, unique WordPress Theme, check it out!

Webly WordPress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

# 20 – My Cuisine WordPress Theme

Food service websites and restaurants would be a great fit for this food-based theme. Makes me hungry just looking at it. Nice calls to action on the homepage splash.

My Cuisine Worpress Theme

Theme Details | Theme Demo

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