Awesome Website Footers Increase the User Experience

Creating an awesome website footer is more than just a few cool looking images and gizmos. Well done footers can dramatically increase your user experience, search engine viability, and enhance awareness of your brand.

They dudes over at Template Monster recently blogged a great article about the truths and myths of website footers. (They were also keen enough to include Groovy’s footer as inspiration:))

They make a few fabulous points regarding footers. Here’s a list of points as taken directly from the Template Monster blog article:

Tips and tricks for creating a fascinating footer (from the Template Monster blog)

  • make it a powerful navigation tool which will improve your website’s usability;
  • add a contact information or even a contact form to make it more informative;
  • don’t forget to add the social media section – it is a nice way to receive a feedback and engage your visitors;
  • fill it with interesting and original content and don’t forget about the updates;
  • you may want to put a creative advertisement there to entertain the visitors;
  • recap the main highlights of your website by placing them to the footer;
  • use footer as an alternative to a sidebar;
  • big-size footer with vivid boundaries will grab your clients’ attention ten times faster than the small piece of text drowned on the bottom of your website page;
  • use contrast to stand out against a background of other UI elements;
  • creative illustrations in the footer may be another trump to convince your visitors to stay;
  • use “back to top” button as a small navigation tip for the visitors;

Following these guidelines, you can increase the usability of your website, add richness and depth to your website, and enhance the overall awesomeness of your website. Great website footers compliment your website and add a polished, well-rounded overall feel to your design. Whether your website is using an existing template, such as one from Template Monster or StudioPress, or you’ve created a completely custom website design, bad ass footers can really make a website.

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  1. Love the footer on this site! the evil fish is pretty cool.

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