User Experience

We are experts in the field of web usability and user experiences. We believe websites should empower your users and offer them exactly what they’re looking for.

What exactly is a ‘dynamic website’?

A dynamic website is simply a website that allows interaction with users, and allows them to change or request different stuff. Simply put, it lets people ‘do stuff’.

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Website Footer Design, Groovy Web Design homepage

Groovy’s Warfish Website Footer Mentioned on Internet and Website Design

Groovy Web Design’s footer was mentioned on an article listing 40+ Impressive Website Footers for your Inspiration.

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Awesome Website Footers Increase the User Experience

Creating an awesome website footer is more than just a few cool looking images and gizmos. Well done footers can dramatically increase your user experience, search engine viability, and enhance awareness of your brand.

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Why we hate ‘Skip Intros’

Certainly you’ve come across websites that force you into watching a boring ass Flash animation before ever ‘allowing’ you to see their content. We call these things “skip intros” and here’s why we’re vehemently opposed to them.

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