Groovy’s Warfish Website Footer Mentioned on Internet and Website Design

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Groovy Web Design’s footer was mentioned on an article listing 40+ Impressive Website Footers for your Inspiration.

Groovy’s footer was proudly mentioned in an article on The Internet and Website Design website as one of the 40+ Impressive Website Footers on the web. Looking over this incredible collection, you can really get a sense for some absolutely astounding footer designs around.

As they mention in their article, high-quality web footers can be an important element in a website design and can dramatically enhance the user experience on a website. We totally agree. Even though footers are at the bottom of the page, the old adage of ‘website users never scroll all the way down’ is a thing of the past. ¬†All websites should include a great footer as a way to quickly present important and relevant info for your visitors. When building your website, make darn sure to include an awesome footer!

Thanks Jameel for the mention!

Groovy's Awesome Website Footer

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