Glossary of Web Terms


A method for combining and compressing several files into one file making it easier (and often times smaller) to send. A common use for zip files… You’ve got a thousand pictures you want us to put on your website. Instead of sending all of them separate you can ZIP them up and send the one zip file. In most cases, zipping your files trims down the file size which makes it a bit easier to send. This is especially helpful when emailing larger files, as some email service providers limit the file size that can be attached to the email.

Zipping files on a Mac

Most Mac users have no trouble zipping up files, as zipping utilities are built in to the operating system. All users need to do is select the file or files, right click on them and choose ‘Compress _x_ files’. The OS will automatically create a zip file with a default file name of You can then easily rename the file to whatever you please.

Zipping files on a Windows PC

Zipping files on a Windows machine is pretty similar to zipping them on a Mac. Windows provides instructions on how to accomplish this:
Zipping files on Windows Vista

Perhaps the best way to zip files on Windows is to use a zipping utility, such as WinZip. WinZip has been around seemingly forever, and they put out a damn good product. We have found WinZip to be a very effective zipping program, and highly recommend it. There has been a few times where we’ve had issues zipping and unzipping from Windows to Mac, but WinZip seems to work wonderfully.

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